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ANNABELLA GRAY (Gabriella) has appeared on stage and screen in such productions as "A Night to Remember", "Visit to a Small Planet", "Romeo and Juliet", and "The Miracle Worker".  Her classically beauty leant itself well to the role of Gabriella, daughter of Tony.
"We wanted Gabriella to have a sort of sarcasm about her, but also a vulnerable side as well.  Gabriella really brought both of those qualities to this role.  There were a lot of times on the set where I found myself calling her Gabriella instead of Annabella just because she was so darned convincing!" Garry M. Gaber, director
"Annabella captured the role of Gabriella because she had the right attitude.  She brought a sense of confidence and mystery to the character.  Her eyes and expressions were classic Gabriella.  I believed she was stuck working in the pizza place and just wanted some freedom."  Melissa J. Gaber, producer