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PATTY ALFONSO (Sarah Adams) has appeared in numerous motion pictures, including "Throwdown", "Remember the Titans", and "Road Trip".  She has also performed in theatrical, industrial and commercial productions.
"Sarah Adams was originally supposed to be a blonde girl next store role.  Patty came in to read for the role of Gabriella, but she immediately charmed us.  When reading for Sarah, she captured the warmth and pain that this girl deals with remarkably well.  We thought she did such a wonderful job that I wound up rewriting the part to be a brunette." Garry M. Gaber, director
"I had the privilege of reading with Patty but was initially skeptical because I had envisioned Sarah as a blonde.  I was immediately struck by Patty's ability to cry and show such deep emotion for the character's feelings.  She is Sarah."  Melissa J. Gaber, producer