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DAVID TENENBAUM (John Kinder) is an accomplished actor, working in both film and theater.  He has most recently appeared in the upcoming "Blackout" with Andy Garcia.  He has also performed in "The Long Road Home", "Costly Measures" as well as the theatrical production of "Dead Man Walking"  and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?".  

"David was my first choice for John.  I knew he would be perfect as soon as I saw his headshot.  After one audition, David easily proved me right." Garry M. Gaber, director

"I was continually impressed by David.  He is an incredible actor who captured the essence of John so quickly.  I didn't know our character John totally until David breathed life into him.  David's facial expressions and tone gave this movie a feeling of professionalism and depth." Melissa J. Gaber, producer